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Technological and legal security for the defense and protection of organizations

We are in the era of the technological revolution. The incidents and risks in the field of information security increase year after year, but not at the same speed as the maturity of organizations to protect themselves.

On the Internet, as in the physical world, there is no freedom without protection. In addition, the technology services market is very fragmented, and companies have difficulties to defend themselves.

We are Moeenia, a technological and legal security service entity for the defense and comprehensive protection of organizations.

Moeenia was born in Barcelona, the technological hub of the southern cone of Europe, and has an international vocation. This is why it projects from the heart of the European continent (Switzerland) to other places in the world. Because the needs in the field of information security are global and require cross-border responses.

We want to be the instrument to overcome the defenselessness of entities and free our society, as a whole, from the risk posed by bad technological practices. We want to bring security and prosperity. Ours is also a cause for a fairer world.

According to Website Rating, every year there are 800,000 cyberattacks. | This is equivalent to 2,244 cyberattacks per day, almost one cyberattack every 39 seconds. | Cybersecurity Ventures projects that the cost of cybercrime will reach $8 trillion by 2023.

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