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Security is always excessive until it's not enough

Robbie Sinclair, Project Risk Specialist at Bechtel Corporation

Technological security is a key element for the competitiveness and progress of organisations
At Moeenia we offer information security and legal protection services, from a transversal perspective. Based in Barcelona and Neuchâtel (Switzerland), we help companies to protect systems, assets and data against the main risks and vulnerabilities and we defend them from all types of security incidents.
We have a team of cybersecurity experts and lawyers focused on cyber resilience: we not only prevent organizations from threats and incidents (digital scams, espionage and leakage of corporate information, information attacks…), but we also guarantee a quick response and recovery.

According to Website Rating, every year there are 800,000 cyberattacks | This is equivalent to 2,244 cyberattacks per day, almost one cyberattack every 39 seconds | Cybersecurity Ventures projects that the cost of cybercrime will reach $26 trillion by 2026

Our services

Cyber ​​resilience experts

Assessment of technological risks

Risk assessment, privacy impact assessment services and audits to detect technological risks

Design of security protocols

Design and implementation of security controls

Obtention of certifications

Assistance to obtain certifications, from ISO 27001 and NSS to ISOs 9001, 14001, 45001 and 22301

Technological and legal support

Ongoing technological and legal support by advising and implementing information security measures

Management of technological incidents

Management of incidents and legal defence, as well as design of investigative strategies and issue of evidences

Protection of trade secrets

Design of a protection plan with technological, organizational and legal measures