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Cyber ​​resilience experts

We help entities and organizations to protect their systems, assets and data against the main technological risks and vulnerabilities. We offer a wide range of services, from a technical and legal point of view: vulnerability analyses, security audits, implementation of protection measures on assets, design of the most appropriate corporate policies, awareness through training sessions, among others.
We are committed to the regulatory compliance of our clients. We provide customized legal solutions, especially in the field of cyber security and personal data protection (Risk Analysis, Privacy Impact Assessments, notification of incidents to the Authorities, etc.), in order to meet the specific needs of each organization.
We guarantee a quick response and recovery in the event of an incident, as well as adequate legal defense in the event of an incident, in order to minimize its consequences and damages.
Assessment of technological risks

Did you know that your company may have vulnerabilities in information security?

  • We offer you the risk assessment and privacy impact assessment services required by current Law
  • We audit your entity as well as your processes to detect what are your technological risks (gap and vulnerability analysis, pentesting, etc.)
Design of security protocols

Did you know that your company may be sanctioned if it does not implement the controls requested by information security regulations? And that could be prevented from participating in public tenders?

  • We offer the design and implementation of security controls (some of them mandatory) that your company needs
Obtention of certifications

Did you know that your company can receive sanctions if it does not comply with information security regulations? And that it is compulsory to obtain could certain certifications? And that despite not being mandatory, is it increasingly being requested as a safety standard?

  • We offer you the management and assistance to obtain certifications, specially, ISO 27001 and NSS (mandatory for public entities and for companies that provide services to public entities), as well as ISO 9001 (Quality), 140001 (Environmental Management), 45001 (Labour Health and Safety) and 22301 (Business Continuity)
Technological and legal support
Management of technological incidents

Did you know that a technological incident can imply financial, reputational losses as well as penalties? And that if evidences are not generated in accordance with the legal requirements, can be annulled in a judicial procedure?

  • We offer you immediate attention
  • We urgently process and manage the incidents and implement necessary legal defence and investigative strategies
  • We generate the evidences to adequately prove it (chain of custody)
Protection of trade secrets

Did you know that breaches can cause you to lose confidential information? And that revealing secrets can imply losing market share against your competitors?

  • The regulations protect trade secrets if protective measures are implemented
  • We offer you the design of a protection plan with technological, organizational and legal measures
Security solutions and training

Did you know that without the right technological tools you can more easily become a victim of security incidents? And that many incidents originate from the lack of training and awareness of the employees?

  • After a careful analysis, we offer you tailor-made security software based on your needs
  • Likewise, we offer comprehensive and comprehensive training services to strengthen the awareness of your employees
Protection of physical spaces and people

Did you know that the lack of protection of physical spaces and people can cause you to lose confidential confirmation? And that the protection of your employees and facilities may also be at risk?

  • We offer you the management of the inspection, protection and custody of physical spaces and people, according to your needs:

    - Access control, space protection and surveillance
    - Custody and surveillance of physical spaces and people (minimum)

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